Radio Codeplugs

The 2 Meter and 70 Centimeter CSRA Amateur Radio Frequencies have been entered into the CHIRP Software and are available below for download. The CSRA Amateur Radio Frequencies are entered numerically by frequency for ease of locating in radios during time restraints such as disasters and emergencies. Only analog frequencies have been entered in the codeplug below. The frequencies are entered in groups of three: Repeater, Direct (AKA Simplex or Talk Around of the repeater) and Reverse.

Keep in mind that while Simplex and Direct/Talk-Around appear to be the same programming wise, the terminology is specific and different.

      • Simplex implies a single frequency to be used for Transmit and Receive of a radio but is not a frequency that is part of a repeater system.
      • Direct/Talk-Around implies the Output Frequency of a Repeater is used for both Transmit and Receive of a radio and is typically used for when repeater infrastructure is inoperable.

Below explains the alpha tags if they are chosen to be used.

The repeater channel is labeled with the output frequency of the repeater. This is typically the name of the repeater used by individuals when referring to a specific repeater.  This is because a single Trustee with a single Call Sign can manage multiple repeaters and the only unique identifier is the frequency.  Amateur radio operators should learn the frequencies and not call signs of repeaters.  However, the alpha tag can usually be turned off in amateur radios to allow the TX frequency to display while transmitting. This is a user preference.

The Direct channel is labeled with the latter part of the output frequency of the repeater plus “D” for direct. (In accordance with the Standard Channel Naming Nomenclature from the National Public Safety Telecommunications Council –

The reverse channel is labeled with the latter part of the output frequency of the repeater plus “REV” to indicate reverse or will show the input frequency on the display.

Channel Labeling example:

 Ch. Name  RX Freq.  TX Freq.  Type of Operation
 444800  444.8000  449.8000  Repeater
 800D  444.8000  444.8000  Simplex/Talk Around/Direct
 800REV  449.8000  444.8000  Reverse

CHIRP Programming Software

RT Systems

Baofeng Programming Software

The website has a wealth of info regarding the Baofeng radios and should be browsed to get familiar with the Baofeng radios. It is a wonderful website!

(**REMEMBER!!! To always IMPORT the profile below after you read your radio, otherwise you will overwrite the firmware in Baofeng radios which typically keeps the radio from passing audio on receive which then require a firmware reset.)

04-07-2024 CSRA Codeplug for Import through CHIRP.csv (Remember to IMPORT!!!)

Icom T90A
IC-T90A 06-20-2015.icf (includes all repeaters listed within 100 miles of Burnettown, SC, thank you KJ5J!)

If you find and error or have additions or deletions please email [email protected] and we thank you for your input!